Idukki Dam – A Place Where Earth Meets Heaven

Kerala could be considered as Heaven on the Indian soil. The green surrounds and amazing backwaters make it no less than paradise. But besides the natural expanse and the water bodies, there is another thing that takes up a bulk of the popularity.

Couldn’t guess it already? It is the Idukki Dam, which is a concrete structure built on the Periyar river, the longest one in Kerala. The best time to visit Idukki Dam is undoubtedly the summer season when the weather is mild and not too hot, unlike some other parts of Kerala.

The climate of Idukki Dam
Being elevated above the sea level, summers are mild at the Idukki Dam. The hottest days come at around March and remains till May. However, despite Kerala being close to the equator, the temperature remains mild and ranges from 25-degree to 30-degree Celsius.

Winters are pleasantly cool and occupy the longest time of the year. The fall in the climate starts in October and the temperature remains below 20-degrees till February. Monsoon season sees the river in the best shape and the green nature blooms too.

Places to visit near Idukki Dam
The Idukki Arch Dam was built connecting two hills for the purpose of a hydro-electric project. But apart from the dam itself, there are quite a few wonderful places to visit, some of which are –

Malankara Reservoir
The Malankara Reservoir is situated at a distance of around 6 kilometers from Thodupuzha. It is an artificial lake and is built especially for the purpose of boating and pisciculture. It is one of the best places to visit in Idukki, Kerala and is spread over an area of 11 kilometers.

The Palkulamedu is situated at a distance of 12 kilometers from Idukki and is one of the best hill stations in Kerala and is situated at a height of 3,125 meters above the sea level. The view of the neighboring places from the top of the hill is just as amazing as paradise.

Ramakkalmedu is another hill station situated within the vicinity of the Idukki. It is situated right along the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and is considered to be the place where Lord Rama set his foot in order to look of Sita when she was kidnapped by Ravana.

Visit this place in the morning to witness the breathtaking view of the rising sun and enjoy the calmness of the surrounding through the day. But don’t forget to click some photos that would make you recall this place for the rest of your life.

Kalvari Mount
The Kalvari Mount overlooks the wonderful scenery of the Idukki reservoir and is known to be a place where elephants are seen roaming. The two main tribes’ villages of this region are Mariyapuram and Kamakshi.

Idukki is no less than paradise
The rich beauty of the scenic environment makes the Idukki Dam and the surroundings a wonderful place to visit throughout the year. However, the highest point of the eastern area almost reaches freezing point during winters, which makes the visit more like a hill station trip.

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The Incredible Beauty of Kashmir

On a journey to Kashmir, in the shadow of the Himalayas that uncovers a bold relationship of travel, tourism, and adventure.

Is this what’s next for travel to India?
Summer is here as always. June is when the summer starts getting really unbearable hot in India and it has started leaving us exhausted by the end of every day.

Just as the summer heat gets even more unbearable, we have planned an amazing travel itinerary to explore the Northern meadow of heaven – Kashmir.

As you know Kashmir’s weather is fickle minded and you don’t know what can happen to weather the next moment. I was all set to go for my travel adventure experience in Kashmir. We started our trip in an outstation taxi from Chandigarh. As we were reaching close to our beautiful destination we could see the sun was stretching out to push the grey clouds in a single stroke. The sun rays coming out from the clouds are just amazing to see.

Wonderful Kashmir is one of the finest and perfect summer destinations of India. We were amazed by the beauty of Kashmir which includes beautiful mountains, lush green, serene lakes, dense meadows, and forests. It is also known as a place of ‘Heaven on the Earth’. It is blessed with the beautiful Mughal gardens, snow-covered Himalayas and dazzling Dal Lake. It is the best time to escape to one of the cooler destination of India for a holiday break. Srinagar is a beautiful gateway to Jammu and Kashmir. It is an ideal destination for a pleasant and memorable gateway.

Gulmarg is must visit place for every traveler and adventure enthusiasts. Gulmarg is one of the famous destinations for highest cable cars in the world. It is a popular destination for skiers in the foothills of Himalayas. Gulmarg is also counted among one of the best ski resorts in Asia. Kashmir has never been entirely peaceful and tourists visit this amazing spot with no risk in their mind to feel the magical beauty of Kashmir that it is now called as ‘Terrestrial Paradise’.

The broad lakes, lush greenery and the snow-covered Himalayas in Kashmir attracts a lot of tourists to visit this destination in the hot summer. Colorful and decorated houseboats in the lake shores are the main attraction for the tourists.

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